Francisca weinstein , Chilean designer is the founder and heart of Phyll. He gives all his passion, enthusiasm, love, energy and creativity to the brand.
“After constant search for sustainable options in fashion, both as a designer and a buyer, I felt the need to be an agent of change in the fashion industry to deliver new production options according to the environment.
Working as a textile designer, I noticed the great pollution and little awareness that exists in the production of fabrics and clothing. Knowing the environmental impact that is generated in fashion, I felt the passion and need to make a change now !! "
Francisca hinrichsen , Commercial Engineer and fundamental for Phyll. He is the one who lands every detail and makes everything possible. Thanks to the arrival of Fran in Phyll everything becomes much more fun and possible to do. A powerful woman for her intelligence, love, charisma, organization and fundamental for everything to be carried out.
Abilene , Independent dressmaker from Portugal. She decided to become independent after working a large part of her life making clothes in different textile industries in Portugal. "I prefer to do less quantity and more dedication in each of the garments that I make, have interaction with the people I work with and give more love." Abilene takes care to use each patch and make the cuts in the fabrics in the most profitable way possible to use all the material. Abilene with her joy, smile, dedication in every detail and excellent work made us fall in love to be part of Phyll.