Textile properties and care

The fabrics used have abundant benefits for our skin and the environment, they are patented fabrics in their entire production process, from the collection of materials to the final product.

Properties of fabrics with algae fibers

  • They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements.
  • High content of antioxidants that successfully protects against free radicals.
  • Patented technology that guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • Biodegradable / Compostable / Organic.
  • Maximum wearing comfort thanks to the soft touch of the fibers and the great absorption of moisture. It is pleasant for the skin.
  • Made of FSC certified wood.
  • The algae harvest is certified as sustainable harvest.
  • Algae fibers are not toxic, it is very easy to sterilize them and they have bio-active components with antiviral properties.
  • Substances found in seaweed help activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help alleviate skin conditions, reduce inflammation, and soothe itching.

We recommend that you wash with cold water and by hand so that your garments have greater durability.